‘Invest in the Spirit of Ireland’ is not merely a tagline of ours, it is something we stand by.

Irish Whiskey Assets

We are a platform that encourages people to invest in the greatest ever spirit on this planet, Irish Whiskey.

For years, we have seen our neighbours do tremendously well in the whiskey market across the globe. People began investing money and resources into the scotch market, which provided a platform for above-average returns. However, in the last few years, there has been saturation in the Scotch industry, and Brexit has made the market more challenging worst for their spirit.

Taking Irish Whiskey to New Heights 1

Here in Ireland, in the last few years, Irish whiskey has regained the popularity and recognition it had decades ago. The sales are at an all-time high and exports are expected to double and double again in the years to come. So, what does this mean for our country and the people who love this wonderful beverage, Irish Whiskey?

Investing in Irish whiskey is not only a form of investment with potentially high returns, but it is also a way of making this beverage a global phenomenon in a sense that people relate to it when they think of Ireland. Investing in whiskey allows people to leave behind legacies in the form of whiskey that ages for years & years to come. It is not only for the Irish diaspora but also for whiskey lovers and enthusiasts to avail of this opportunity and establish a deep connection with this country.

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