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Selling Your Casks

As a cask owner, you decide when and how to sell your casks. Several factors apply when it comes to selling your casks. The single most important factor is the age of your casks. Most of the Irish whiskey available on the market is aged between three and five years. The best investment returns are available for casks older than five years. Many savvy investors plan to mature their whiskey for a decade or even two, ensuring their whiskey is rare and in demand.

Whiskey casks perform well as a medium-term investment but have the potential for exceptional returns when aged until they become rare. Irish whiskey casks are appreciating assets, best suited to investors who take a long-term view. As an intergenerational investment, Irish whiskey casks provide an exceptional balance of security and potential.

Cask ownership as an investment model has proved successful for decades in Scotland, and historical returns have been solid. As this is a new concept with Irish casks, past performance returns are not available. With growing worldwide demand and limited supply, the indications are positive for Irish whiskey casks into the future. Casks can be sold individually or together, at different times, and using any combination of exit strategies.  Owners may sell some casks and retain others long term.

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There are several online auction sites for whisky casks, an option which is available to Irish cask owners. This will suit owners who wish to set a minimum price for their casks and have allowed their casks to mature to an attractive age.

Irish Whiskey Assets

There is a market for investors who purchase older casks. From 2023 onwards, Irish Whiskey Assets will begin selling casks aged five years and older. This will create the possibility for cask owners to sell on to other investors.

Terms and conditions will apply. 

Selling to our Associated Brands

Irish Whiskey Assets have several associated whiskey brands under the group umbrella, such as McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey, Glencree and Peadar Kearney’s Irish Whiskey. After their casks have aged for a minimum of five years, owners may offer their matured whiskey to one of our associated brands for purchase. Such a buyback will be contingent on market conditions, demand and price and neither the cask owner nor the brands have any fixed obligations under this option.

Terms and conditions will apply.

Other Distilleries

Distilleries regularly purchase whiskey on the wholesale market, to meet increasing demand or to fill gaps in production capacity. Japanese distilleries are known to acquire stocks of malt whiskey. This may suit owners with significant numbers of casks.


Private Label Whiskey

Cask owners may create a bespoke private label whiskey for customers from the hospitality sector etc, who want to have their own label whiskey. Some cask owners may wish to launch their own Irish whiskey brand on a commercial basis and we can assist through 

Bottling, Labelling & Selling Online

Botting, labelling & selling online is an attractive option for cask owners targeting higher profits, and are willing to take the time to sell their matured whiskey in individual bottles. This will work best for cask owners who finish their whiskey in another cask, to create a unique product and taste. Cask owners can create their own Irish whiskey brand and engage a specialist website to sell their bottles. Irish Whiskey Assets can assist by introducing cask owners to the relevant third-party service providers such as branding, bottling, labelling and selling.

Irish Whiskey Assets
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