Selling your casks

Possible risks

While all investments carry a degree of risk, whiskey is somewhat unique in that it grows in value as it ages. It should form part of a balanced portfolio. While whiskey matures after three years, it is recommended you hold it for five years or more.

Potential returns

As this is a relatively new concept for Irish whiskey, no historical figures for returns are available. However, purely for comparison, we can look to figures for Scotch Whisky. Between 2007 to 2016, investors in 8-year-old Scotch enjoyed average gross returns of 15.2% per annum over the period ( Please note that past performance is no predictor of future returns. Irish Whiskey Assets cannot guarantee what your returns might be.

Selling your casks 1

Irish Whiskey Assets does not place restrictions on how you chose to realise the value of your casks. Here are just some of your options:

Selling onwards to other investors

After three years or more you can sell your casks to other potential investors who may wish to allow it to age even longer. Irish Whiskey Assets will facilitate you in this regard, for a modest commission.

Selling on the open market

As Irish whiskey is in worldwide demand, cask owners may wish to offer their casks on the open market to wholesalers, own label retailers or collectors. In 2018, a small number of Single Pot Still, 32-year-old Redbreast Whiskey, was snapped up at €500 per bottle. Some owners may wish to bottle and label their whiskey, which Irish Whiskey Assets can assist with. Terms and conditions apply.

Long-term strategy

Owners may decide to hold their casks for a decade or more, allowing the whiskey to grow in value. This may suit investors planning for retirement or wishing to leave a valuable legacy.

Selling your casks 2

McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey

Our sister company, McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey, is a retail brand that will go on the international market in 2018. Initially, it will be sold in nine countries through our existing distributor network and our aim is for it to become an international brand over the coming years. McCarthy’s will promote a range of products including a 5, 8 and 12-year old Single Malt. The opportunity to place your casks with McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey will have widespread appeal to cask owners. Irish Whiskey Assets and McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey will provide a turnkey solution to investors who choose this option.

Selling your casks 3

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