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Selling Options

Selling your casks

At Irish Whiskey Assets our plan is to buy back your casks in the future.

This option is what makes our business model truly unique. McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey is our retail brand. This means cask owners can offer their matured whiskey for sale back to us, if they choose to do so. They will buy your casks back at an agreed price, ensuring a profit for you the cask owner. While this is a straightforward and reliable option, cask owners are in no way obliged to take this option.

McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey is a premium, double-casked whiskey, which will be on sale in 11 countries from October 2019.

Other Options to Sell Your Casks

Once you decide to sell your casks, there are several options available to you. At Irish Whiskey Assets, we don’t place any restrictions on how you choose to sell. We will assist and guide you in all potential avenues of sale. Some of the options open to you could include:

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