Security & Provenance

The word whiskey derives from the Gaelic term uisce beatha, translating as ‘water of life’. The first mentions of Irish whiskey date back as far as 1405, almost a century before appearing in Scottish records. It is thought to have originated from monks, and the world’s first licenced distillery was the Old Bushmills Distillery, which opened in 1608.

For Irish whiskey to be authentic, its ingredients are strictly prescribed and the spirit must be distilled in Ireland. It also must undergo the ‘three years and one-day’ ageing process in casks in Ireland. This process is tightly monitored, and it is this that gives Irish whiskey its unique provenance.

Security & Provenance 1
Security & Provenance 2

1 For anyone considering investing in Irish whiskey, security and provenance are essential. This is where Irish Whiskey Assets leave nothing to chance.  All our casks are distilled, stored and insured at Ireland’s largest independent distillery.

The distillery follows the highest international production standards and operates under the ISO 9000 quality system. They also participate in the Irish ‘Origin Green’ scheme, guaranteeing the provenance of the ingredients in the supply scheme.

2 When you purchase a cask, your ownership of the cask is registered with the distillery and with Irish Whiskey Assets, and regular third-party audits of cask numbers are carried out. Therefore, the ownership of your cask is never in doubt. Your cask is securely stored at the distillery and is insured against fire and theft for its value at that time. All casks are filled with premium single malt whiskey, widely acknowledged as the premium whiskey spirit.

Certificates of Registration of Ownership and Certificates of Provenance are issued to all cask owners, which are essential documents when it comes to selling on your casks.


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