How it works


Application Process

It starts with a simple online application form to purchase your casks. Each cask is €3,495 which includes cask, spirit, insurance and storage for 5 years. You can also upload your photo proof of identification on our website. Our online payment system is secure and straightforward.


Payment Receipt

Once we receive your payment for your casks, we email you with confirmation of payment and receipt. We then place an order with the distillery for your casks. Our supplier distillery is the largest independent distillery in Ireland and operates to the highest international standards.


Whiskey Distilling

Once the order has been received the Master Distiller schedules the distilling of your whiskey. Your whiskey is premium single malt, and the distillery is a world-class, award-winning facility. The end product is whiskey of the highest quality.


Whiskey Casking

Once your whiskey has been distilled, the next stage is to decant it into your cask. All our casks are ex-Bourbon, imported from the USA. Your cask receives a barcode which is referenced back to its new owner - you.


Certification and Documentation

As the owner of the filled casks, you are issued with the necessary documentation, a Certification of Registration of Ownership and a Certificate of Provenance. This confirms your ownership and the authenticity of your whiskey.


Secure Storage

Your casks remain securely stored in the distillery’s warehouse. They are also insured for their value against fire and theft. After maturing in the cask for three years and one day, your malt spirit has earned the prestigious title of ‘Irish Whiskey’. Congratulations, you now hold casks of the world’s fastest growing spirit! While your whiskey is ready for the market after 3 years, we recommend you hold it for 5 years or more for better returns.


Exit Options

Each cask will yield between 350 and 420 standard 70cl bottles, at 40% strength. The longer you leave your whiskey to mature the higher the potential returns. Old Irish whiskey is rare, and potentially very valuable. Several exit options are open to you when you decide to sell. These are outlined under Sell your casks.


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