We feel the answer is a definite YES. The glass of choice these days for the Irish whiskey drinker is the newly released Tuath Glass, the Irish equivalent of the Glencairn glass. A definite must have weather you are a novice or self-confessed professional connoisseur.

The Túath Glass was the innovative mind of Rosanna Goswell & co-founders, who had the idea sparked by the new regeneration of the Irish whiskey scene in this country and thought why not get a glass inspired by the scenery around the country to hope fully become the national glass of Irish Whiskey drinkers around the world. While on her travels Skellig Michael inspired the stem of the glass and the conical shape of the glass concentrates the typical flavours you come to expect for the Irish spirit.

Does a Glass Make a Difference to your Whiskey 1

From the Nosing of the whiskey in the shape of the glass in its wide bowl up to the narrow neck to give the hurricane swirl, and then to the flared lip on the glass to give the optimum spread of liquid on the palate to release as much flavour possible.

We at Irish Whiskey Assets and McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey are in full support of the excellent job done by all at Túath Glassware on an excellent product. You can find the Túath glass at www.tuathglass.ie

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