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During the 18th century, there were numerous distilleries in Ireland, with exports mainly to the UK and the USA.

However, the Irish War of Independence followed by Prohibition in the US led to a major decline in market share for Irish whiskey, which was lost mainly to scotch.

At one time, Irish whiskey had up to 60% of the world’s whiskey market share, today it is as low as 4%. Clearly, this presents the Irish whiskey sector with an unprecedented opportunity for growth.

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In fact, since 1990, Irish whiskey has been the fasted growing spirit in the world. The sector is undergoing a renaissance and export sales are forecast to double between 2015 and 2020 and double again by 2030. Irish whiskey exports are up 220% since 2007. Industry experts predict that Irish whiskey will struggle to keep pace with demand over the coming years, potentially leading to increased prices.

The combination of these factors makes a compelling case for investing in Irish whiskey. However, until now, investing in Irish whiskey was outside the scope of the average investor. This is where Irish Whiskey Assets is a game changer.

Irish Whiskey Assets provides a turn-key solution for the average investor. Our business model allows investors to purchase a cask of premium quality single malt spirit from one of Ireland’s largest independent distilleries. The cask remains at the distillery, securely stored and insured. As it ages, it increases in value. After 3 years and 1 day, it earns the prestigious title of ‘Irish Whiskey’.

By purchasing a cask, you will own an asset, a valuable commodity that is in short supply with growing demand. Your cask of whiskey grows in value as it ages. This makes it a unique and savvy investment for those prepared to take a medium to long term strategy. It will have a strong appeal for those planning for their financial futures or that of their children.

All our casks are ex-Bourbon and will yield between 350 and 420 standard 700ml bottles, depending on how long they are left to age. The longer they are left to age, the higher the potential resale value of the whiskey. Individual casks cost €3,495 and this includes the cask, spirit, storage, insurance and administration for 5 years. Terms and conditions apply.

We recommend that investors retain their casks for 5 years or more. In general, the older the whiskey the higher its value. Old Irish whiskey is rare, and therefore can be very valuable. When it comes to selling your cask there are several options open to you, which are outlined under Exit Strategies.


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