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Selling Options

Selling your casks

As a cask owner, you decide when and how to sell your casks. However, you must wait at least three years and one day for your casks to be described as Irish whiskey. You might sell your casks to another investor or distillery. For older casks, you may decide to auction your casks online. Casks which are aged for a decade or more will give the best returns. Rare Irish whiskey can achieve exceptional prices.

If you decide to bottle and label your own whiskey, Irish Whiskey Assets can introduce you to our approved third-party service providers.

After five years, if you wish, Irish Whiskey Assets will assist in selling your casks, with a target profit of 40%. This may involve a buyback or selling on to another investor. Actual returns will depend on market conditions at the time, and the responsibility for selling the casks remain with the cask owner. Terms and conditions will apply.

Other Options to Sell Your Casks

Once you decide to sell your casks, there are several options available to you. At Irish Whiskey Assets, we don’t place any restrictions on how you choose to sell. We will assist and guide you in all potential avenues of sale. Some of the options open to you could include:

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