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How it works

Our Investment Model

The widely respected Irish Whiskey Assets’ model allows investors to purchase casks of new-fill single malt whiskey from our renowned partner distillery at a wholesale price. This ensures future profits for the cask owners whilst also creating cash flow for the distillery. For full details on our pricing structure contact [email protected]

Our award-winning partner distillery is the largest independent distillery in Ireland. It also holds the globally recognised Origin Green certification for sustainable production and is committed to the strict Geographical Indication protection guidelines for Irish whiskey. Therefore, our investors are assured of consistency of quality and supply.

As soon as you order from us, your whiskey will be distilled and decanted into your very own casks. Each cask is then barcoded and registered in your name. These casks will then remain securely stored under Bond at our partner Bonded warehouse where they are fully insured for fire and theft.

As proof of ownership and authenticity, you will receive a Certificate of Ownership and Provenance.

Our investment model has been carefully developed by a team of experts to be simple and sustainable. It balances security with the potential for above average returns. While our model in Ireland is relatively new, similar models have operated with great success in Scotland for decades. Now it’s our time.

It’s simple, whiskey increases in value as it ages and therefore is an appreciating asset. Once the spirit has been cask matured for at least 3 years and a day, it can be classified as ‘Irish Whiskey’. It’s now a valuable, tradable commodity which can be sold at a considerable profit.

All our casks are 200 Litre and ex-Bourbon to impart superior flavour. Typically, each cask will yield between 350 and 420 standard 70cl bottles, depending on how long you choose to age your whiskey. After maturity, we can offer the possibility to finish your whiskey in a different cask to create a unique taste profile. Your whiskey is 100% single malt Irish whiskey, universally recognised as a premium product.

While it can be sold after 3 years, the longer you hold your cask in Bond, the higher the potential returns. We recommend letting your cask age for at least 5 years. In recent times, record prices have been achieved at auction for rare Irish whiskey. The older the whiskey, the greater the reward.

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