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Invest in the Spirit of Ireland

Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirit in the world.


Why Irish Whiskey?

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Irish whiskey is experiencing an unparalleled renaissance, in fact it’s the fastest-growing spirit in the world, an accolade its held since 1990. Irish whiskey is quite simply on fire, with exports projected to double between 2015 and 2020, and double again by 2030. No other spirit currently holds this promise.

Yet we’ve barely skimmed the surface of Irish whiskey’s original glory. At one time, it held 60% of the world’s spirits market. At 4% today, that figure is poised for immense growth. And with demand already exceeding supply, Irish whiskey makes an exceptional case for investment.

At Irish Whiskey Assets, our team of experts can guarantee a friendly and professional service. Our investment model is both uncomplicated and sustainable. Once you purchase your casks, we place your order with our renowned partner distillery. The quality of the whiskey produced here is some of the finest in Ireland.

We then allow your casks to mature over the coming years. During this time, they remain securely stored and insured at the distillery under our watch.

Our pricing structure is also the most competitive on the market. But it doesn’t end there, a selection of other exciting exit options are also open to our investors, such as auctioning your whiskey.

The angels won’t be the only ones to get their share this time. At Irish Whiskey Assets, your investment in Ireland’s legacy is safe and secure in our hands.

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